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Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum

Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum


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~Hal Prekrotheroopsi 2.Mar.04 08:20 PM Lotus Notes
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I attended the last two days at the Admin/Developer 2004 in Munich. After the "good" news from a lot of posts and blogs about Lotusphere 2004 I went very confitendly to the meeting. After the two days I'm a little bit frustrated and concerned about the Notes/Domino future caused by the some statements.
Of course there are lot dreams of the future, but between the lines there are some things, I'm a little bit worried about:
  • I got no answer to my simple question will there be a native Notes 8 Client. "Maybe, if the there will be a demand" (made by IBM/Lotus representer, no joke)
  • Ok, everythings change, let's have a look at the Eclipse client: It is for me not clear after the presentations ("Notes 8 Hybrid Client") if this client will be really an alternative to the notes client. Will it be a standalone client or only full-functional via/with workplace server? Can I use it only in connecting to a domino-server (maybe we need no workplace server or portal server)? These are important questions, because changes here will have some consequences for a "notes/domino company" (changes in server-infrastructure, training users, offline capabilites, etc.).
  • Workplace and Domino: Will both survive? I'm not sure. "Ironic Tag on" Workplace seems to me like a thing which is developed for IBM (and their needs) and now they want to sell it as a product because they don't know what domino can do."Ironic Tag off" But on Domino (with Sametime and all the others Addons) we can achieve the same (of course not based on J2EE!). But how long will IBM/Lotus will support and make new developments in both product lines (e.g. future of lotusscript)? Often were said "Workplace is a plattform", what is domino?
  • Workplace, Websphere, DB2 and Domino together are powerful (maybe together). But the complexity is extremly high. My fear is it is no longer controllable. How long would it take to solve a problem considering the mixed responsibilty for the products, skills, error capabilities and available persons in a company? Not to forget hardware, OS and network. Solution outsourcing?

IBM has the right to go in this direction. But does this suit my taste or the taste of my company? This is the question to answer.


PS: Sorry for my bad english. And of course there is not only black and white there are grey tone. And it is only my personal opinion.

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